Kenmore Permaculture Design

I have started a design for a property in Kenmore, in the western suburbs of Brisbane. It is a lovely property, but couldn’t be more different from the last design and still be in the same city.

Where Bryn Awel was quite a large block (over 1 hectare = 2.5 acres), this property is a standard quarter acre.

Where Bryn Awel was gently sloping, this property has 4m high retaining walls and probably falls about 10m across the length.

Where Bryn Awel was north facing and had an abundance of sunlight, this property is south facing (which in the Southern Hemisphere is away from the sun) and is heavily shaded by mature trees to the North and East.

Where Bryn Awel struggled with water, this property already holds moisture well and benefits from runoff from the neighbors yard.

I’m looking forward to getting this design done because the owners are very keen to get it implemented as soon as possible.


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