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Why should we re-invest surplus?


One of the greatest concepts I have learnt in my life is the Eight Forms of Capital.

I first heard it on Peak Prosperity and later traced it back to Appleseed Permaculture.

The Eight Forms of Capital are (in no particular order):

  • Financial Capital
  • Living Capital
  • Cultural Capital
  • Experiential Capital
  • Knowledge Capital
  • Spiritual Capital
  • Social Capital
  • Material Capital

When we need to, we can trade one form of capital for another.

This ties into Re-Investing Surplus. We don’t ask for charity. We offer a Value for Value exchange.


Next Steps…

There are a million ways to approach designing an abundant and resilient life. I hope I have inspired you to take a step forward. If you think you can inspire me or others, please get in touch with me and we can feature what you have accomplished on ‘The Surplus.’