i think I’ve caught more catfish than I have any other type of fish. I remember as a kid living way up the Clarence river in New South Wales, we used to leave them on the river bank or throw them into the cattle paddocks because no one wanted to eat them. Sure, some people at eel tailed catfish, but not blue or other spiney catfish.

The first fish my Daughter caught was a catfish from Lake Awoonga.

I never quite understood why no one ate them. I had never tasted one, and neither had anyone I’d known. But everyone said that they were rubbish. Someone once suggested that it was because the bible said not to eat fish without scales.

An ausfish forum has mixed views. Mostly negative from those who have never tried them, and neutral to positive from those who have:

And in the USA, they seem to like them. There is some good info on bullhead fishing.

(You might have to go through a proxy as it was not letting visitors from Australia through when I first tried it.)

So what are my thoughts on this?

Keep an open mind. You never know what things you “know” might not actually be true.

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