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Here at 'Re-Investing Surplus', we can help each other develop resilience and abundance in our lives. There are three easy ways to do this. You are welcome to chose any or all of these:

  1. Join the 'Weekly Surplus' for free updates and ideas in the world of Regenerative Living and Permaculture.
  2. Become a 'Re-investor' and get a monthly serving of detailed Permaculture design and analysis. You'll get reviews of Permaculture installations and community gardens. You'll get updates as those properties develop so that you can watch the succession into productive systems. You can learn from the successes and failures of many Permaculture designers  as well as access to the entire back catalogue of designs.
  3.  Book a property evaluation, a full design or a consultation and become part of 'Re-investing Surplus' so that others can build upon your success.



The term 'Re-Investing Surplus' comes from the third ethic of permaculture. Originally stated as:

Setting limits to population and consumption.

This is a very difficult concept. Are we looking at 'Zero Population Growth,' or something more sinister? It was later been described as:

Fair Share

Which is nice, because it rhymes with 'Earth Care' and 'People Care' which are the first two ethics - but is a bit simplistic. It has also been described as:

Redistribution of Surplus

This definition is okay at a very local system where I take the mulch from one tree and give it to another, or take the excess fruit and give it to the chooks. But this definition can too easily be applied outside of my property. It can even be co-opted to align with 'Redistribution of Wealth.' Now, I definitely do not want to delve into politics. I believe you can do more for your self that anyone else can do for you. So the term I like to use is:

Re-Investing Surplus

We can take the surplus we have in our lives, invest it back into our lives in many different ways so that next years yield is even bigger than this years.

There is so much to share, from the patterns to the details. I hope you'll join me on this journey.


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