How can I help you design a more resilient and abundant life?

I am a second generation permaculture consultant from Brisbane, Australia.

Is there a better way of doing things?

There are plenty of problems out there. But it usually seems like the issues are too big. The Automatic Earth and Peak Prosperity are a couple of my favorite websites. They do a great job of laying out the problems. But what can little old me do about it?

The answer came to me through the prime directive of Permaculture:

The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for your own existence and that of your children

I can not control anything outside of my sphere of control. I can not influence anything outside of my sphere of influence.

But despite what was happening around the world, I could still build resilience and abundance in my life for myself and my family. I drank in the abundant ideas of Permaculture. I listened to many of the old teachers and the new teachers.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

So what can I add to this field that already has so many masters?

Almost every question in Permaculture is answered with 'It Depends.' Although this answer is absolutely true, it is also infuriating. What I want to show with "Re-Investing Surplus' is what works in this situation. When we have enough successful blueprints, we can scale up our solutions to address some of those really big problems facing our society. Together, we can adjust those blueprints to suit your situation and built into your life something resilient and abundant.

With 'Re-Investing Surplus,' you will get detailed, specific designs. You will get to see what has worked and what hasn't. You will get new ideas from the different corners of Permaculture. And together, we will search for the regenerative and scalable models that can actually solve those problems that paralyzed me for so long.

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